Railing Systems

Keep Your Deck Stylish and Safe

For over 20 years, Sunspace has been in the business of helping customers get the most out of their summer. We create custom-designed Sunrooms that give you the ultimate in design flexibility. Now we’ve extended that approach to the railing market.

We know that a strong railing keeps your children and guests safe when you are outside relaxing on your deck. A stylish, low-maintenance rail system adds to your backyard view rather than detracting. Whether you are looking for a railing on your deck or stairs, your home or commercial property, you can feel safe with Sunspace Railings and Deck Systems.

Sunspace is committed to elegant design as well as engineered technology and innovation. As always, that means you have the most choice possible. Our railings are code-compliant and made to your exact specifications. Choose the handrail style that best fits with your exterior. We offer standard, modern, or colonial handrails in five colors: Black, Driftwood, Warm Beige, Tan, and White. Straight and curved belly picket designs are available to fit any outdoor space. Or, select a glass rail configuration to combine secure protection with an unobstructed view of your backyard. End posts with intermediate structural posts allow for continuous rail with no breaks!

Your new railing system adds value to your house as well as safety. Whether you prefer aluminum or tempered glass railings, Sunspace Railing Systems are extremely low-maintenance from day one. Railing systems can be installed right on your current wooden or concrete deck or stairs. We guarantee that our Railing Paint will last, so your new railing system will look just as good in years to come as it does at installation.

No matter what kind of rails you choose to install on your deck, count on Sunspace to offer low-maintenance options that will last. Contact Leisure Rooms with a View, your Northwoods Sunspace Dealer, today!